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What is Website Maintenance?

Website maintenance is the process of regularly inspecting your website for faults and errors and keeping it updated and current. This should be done on a regular basis to maintain the health of your website, encourage continued visitor development, create a wonderful user experience, and boost your SEO and Google rankings. Every contact form that fails to send the link, as well as a general lack of new content that leads to user dissatisfaction, can cost you clients, income, and top search engine rankings.

  • Make sure that all of your pages are loaded properly.
  • Make a backup of your site and ensure that a previous version is saved.
  • Update the software and plugins on the website.
  • Check that all of your forms are working properly.
  • Spam comments on pages and posts should be eliminated.

A vast number of tasks must be accomplished before your website can work effectively. The most time-sensitive of them are website security upgrades and fixes. Without these, your website could endanger individuals who visit it.

A program designed using years of experience and enhanced with a focus on systemization and client satisfaction.

It is our objective to make our website maintenance program so robust that any website falling under it will be fast, safe, and secure.

Our website maintenance services are tailored to your needs

Our team provides premium website support services for every aspect of your website.

As you can see from our checklist, website maintenance should be a regular part of your business. It spreads and, if not correctly implemented, can cause severe problems and setbacks to your company’s future growth and health. Maintaining the health of a website necessitates awareness and organisation. This is especially true if your site has hundreds (or thousands) of pages.


sSEO Marketing Solutions


sSEO Marketing Solutions


sSEO Marketing Solutions


sSEO Marketing Solutions


sSEO Marketing Solutions


sSEO Marketing Solutions

White Bunnie is serving its customers successfully across different countries. Our goal is to develop your business so that it can help us to grow.

Get a data report on the best available solution for your website maintenance needs today.

White Bunnie offers customized solutions based on your business goals and brand identity since we know one size doesn’t fit all.

Get ready for improving your website visitors’ experience

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What All Website Maintenance Services Do We Provide?

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    Updates & changes to the website

    Our developers and designers are ready to perform website updates

    and adjustments based on your specifications.

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    Keeping your website secure

    We perform regular, weekly, and monthly security scans,

    as well as error and vulnerability reports, in order to address issues as they arise.

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    Regular backup of websites

    Backups are provided on a weekly, monthly, and frequent basis to

    safeguard and secure your website investment.

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    Site Monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

    Our Website Monitoring system analyses your website 24 hours a day,

    seven days a week to ensure there is no downtime and to provide notifications.

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    Providing unlimited technical support

    With us, you will have real people working behind the scenes to maintain

    and optimise your website.

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    Client Reports every month

    With our monthly reporting, we keep you up to date on website

    modifications and updates.

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    A core or plugin upgrade is required

    To avoid security breaches, our Maintenance staff continuously updates

    all core and addons.

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    Regular Website Health Check

    We perform regular website health checks to verify that there is no spam

    or malicious code on the website.

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    Recommendations for improving the website

    Our technical staff will recommend modifications to ensure that the website

    continues to run optimally.

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    Virus-free and hack proof

    Our security measures prevent and protect against hacking, malware,

    and viruses. In the event of a hack or malware attack, our team makes it a top priority to remedy the problem. And we’ll stay in touch with you until it’s completely hack-free.

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    Optimization of website speed

    A slow website can be aggravating for both the firm and its customers.

    We make it quick and simple to navigate. You can simply rely on our website speed optimization solution, which is designed to increase speed and provide visitors with an unparalleled experience.

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    UX/UI Changes

    In today’s competitive market, creating and maintaining an excellent

    UX/UI is critical. We assist you with improving the UX/UI of your website by identifying and prioritising areas for development, ultimately creating an engaging and seamless path for your audience to navigate through.

How Often Should Website Maintenance Occur?

Maintenance updates should be performed on a regular basis; however, because not all activities are equally urgent, they might be performed at different periods throughout the year.

  • Examining the success of page load
  • Creating a backup of your data and information
  • Plugin and website software updates
  • Remove spam comments from posts
  • Resolving 404 errors and broken links
  • Creating new blog material to increase engagement and SEO traffic
  • When a link fails to work or a form fails to submit, you risk losing consumers, conversions, and SERPs
  • Examining the load speed
  • Conducting security scans
  • 10. Analyzing last month's data
  • Old blog posts are being updated.
  • Monthly website maintenance assists you in making adjustments and planning for future success.
  • Finding ways to improve your website's design
  • Graphics are being updated.
  • Ensure the effectiveness of meta titles, meta descriptions, and SEO
  • Ensuring that calls to action function properly
  • Changing marketing campaigns
  • Examining the backup's health
  • These jobs provide security and efficiency through automation.
  • Dates are being adjusted to reflect the current year.
  • All pages are being reviewed for grammar, errors, and accuracy.
  • Excessive email removal
  • Renewing your website domain Rethinking the layout and style of your website
  • Identifying possibilities for updating high-value blog articles
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Code of Ethics

White Bunnie is committed to honestytransparency, and personal accountability in our work. Being a search engine optimization specialist, we strive constantly to achieve higher rankingsimproved traffic, and conversions for our clients’ business while strictly adhering to our Code of Ethics.

Why is Website Maintenance Important?

Your website is most frequently the first thing potential customers look for, and they’re seeking relevant information, quality, and expertise all at once. This is when website upkeep becomes critical. Regular content modifications will help your website engage and retain visitors while also maintaining a good search position.

There are countless other reasons to keep your website up to date, including:

1. Improves User Satisfaction
2. Enhances Your SEO
3. Increases defence

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    Invest in SEO

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    Get your rankings raised

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    Get more traffic on your website

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    Generate more leads

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    Increased sales for your business.

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Website Maintenance FAQs
  • This service comprises all aspects of website administration. We handle website hosting, backups, security, WordPress and plugin upgrades, and any website content updates, such as updating logos, testimonials, content, images, videos, awards, blogs, FAQs, career opportunities, google codes, and adding portfolio, team members, legal pages, awards, and certifications.

  • Given our responsibilities, we recognise that all technological issues should fall under our purview. As a result, we offer unlimited Standard (on the website) technical assistance.

  • When you read a message indicating a website is down for maintenance, it usually implies that the website is temporarily unavailable due to the resolution of some difficulties, the implementation of certain changes, or the migration of the server or platform.

  • Yes, of course. Regular website maintenance is critical to your website’s ranking in SERPs. Search engine crawlers prefer to index websites that have up-to-date content.

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