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Why Logo is Essential?

A great logo design will entice many of your potential customers to visit and interact with your company. We at White Bunnie have the experience, skill and knowledge to create an impactful logo design that stuns your audience and perfectly captures your brand image.

Our logo designing services help you by:

  • Boosting your consumer brand loyalty
  • Intriguing your prospects
  • Creating a great first impression
  • Posing as the basis for the identification of your brand
  • Distinguishing you from the competitors

Embrace a Distinct Vision without Limiting your Creativity

Get a professionally designed logo customized to your needs.

Why White Bunnie

Our Logos Check all the Boxes

Anyone can have a basic logo that accurately represents your brand, but not everyone can create a memorable logo that is a trademark for your company. At White Bunnie we do just that by customizing every aspect of your logo, whether it be colour, imagery or font type. Take a look at our logo portfolio below:

Construction Company

sSEO Marketing Solutions
  • +800%

    Online Leads

  • +126.5%

    Organic Search Traffic

ECommerce Business

sSEO Marketing Solutions
  • +130%

    Organic Revenue

  • +70%

    Website Traffic

Mortgage Company

sSEO Marketing Solutions
  • +763%

    Qualified Leads

  • +349%

    Keywords Ranked in Top 5

White Bunnie is serving its customers successfully across five oceans.

Logo Designing Agency

Our logo design experts employ well-explained, practical logo concepts, creative tools, and knowledge base while creating new logos.

Whether you are a small business or large cooperation, our logo design team creates the perfect logo for you. We can create the logo you need to effectively represent your business, brand, or product. When we create your logo, we adhere to the following principles:

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We follow the BERD philosophy while designing a logo.

Seo Business Success


A simple and minimal logo to relate to the business.

Seo Business Success


Keeping pace with the multimedia adaptations.

Need a Logo that Speaks for your Brand?

Schedule a consultation with our Logo Designing consultant and let’s discuss how you can leverage our free consultation.

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    We Recognize Your Goals!
    We thoroughly investigate your business and your target market

    before supporting your design choices and providing the logo. We think that a good design brief leads to a greater understanding, which is a building block to success.

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    Thorough research enables our skilled designers to produce the ideal logo that conveys a feeling of the setting in which the brand will be used.

    Knowing the most recent trends that are fit for your company’s needs allows us to ensure that we deliver the most professional logo design possible.

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    The secret to our success is creativity!
    Our graphic designers are devoted to using a striking visual to

    engage your target audience. We make sure to offer a distinctive logo design that adds character to the overall identity and offers the best user experience.

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    Our logo designers work very hard to capture the message and emotion that our clients want their viewers to take away

    from the logo. Our creative team experiment with several designs and colour schemes before settling on the perfect logo for you that not only represents your motives but also appeases to your audience.

Types of Logo Designs

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A monogram is a logo composed of letters, usually a brand’s initials. For brand recognition, we can turn your initials into your company’s name if it has a long name with two or three words to remember. The simplicity of this logo is its key feature.

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In a similar fashion to a letter mark, a wordmark or logotype is an isolated font-based logo that highlights the company name only. If your business is new and you need to get your name out, a word-mark is a good idea.

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Pictorial Mark

Pictorial Mark

A pictorial mark is a simplified and stylized representation of an immediately recognizable literal image. Pictorial marks represent a graphic image of something that clearly identifies a specific company, brand, or product.

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Abstract Logo Mark

Abstract Logo Mark

Abstract marks are specific types of pictorial logos. It is possible to create an abstract logo that evokes a feeling rather than a thought. Logotypes such as this are used when you would like to use an image without being constrained by a literal representation.

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Unlike pictorial brand marks, mascot logos feature an illustrated character. They can also be more flexible than standard brand marks. The primary purpose of mascots is to familiarize themselves with potential supporters, customers, and consumers, so they are commonly used by sports teams, service companies, and food brands.

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Combination Mark

Combination Mark

Logos that combine a word-mark or letter-mark with a picture, abstract mark, or mascot are called combination marks. Combining your company name with a symbol (abstract or otherwise) allows for easy rebranding as your customers will only see the symbol and still think of your brand.

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    Why Choose White Bunnie

    An effective logo design can help you gain high visibility and user traction for your brand. Using aesthetic graphic elements, appealing color palettes, intricate calligraphy, and fabulous design, our logo designers create eye-catching logos.

    • An in-depth Analysis of the Brand: Your brand is thoroughly analyzed before logo design is undertaken.
    • Packages with Multiple Options: We offer a variety of packages to meet the needs of different businesses.
    • Designers with Experience: Since 2010, we have created high-quality logos for our clients.
    • A Variety of Design Concepts: Our clients can choose from a variety of design concepts.
    • Save Time and money: With options to fit any budget, we offer logo design starting at a low price. Designs are typically received within 24 hours.
    • A Greater Sense of Creativity: Our talented logo designers will provide you with a variety of logo ideas once we complete your project - all you have to do is pick your favorite.
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    The Experience you Need

    10+ years. Build a Lasting Impression at the First Glance

    It takes more than creativity to design a successful logo. Successful logos facilitate brand recognition. White Bunnie’s experienced logo designers specialize in building a memorable logo that instantly stands out, thereby building a distinctive identity. Let us help you create a logo that best reflects your brand.

    If you see a logo of an iconic brand or company, you immediately recall the company’s name and history. That is the power of a logo. To create such an effective logo, our logo designers use a blend of symbols, calligraphy, design art, and other aesthetic graphical elements. In addition to evoking emotions and sensations connected to your brand, your logo helps build awareness to ultimately grow your customer base.

    We provide high quality and creative business logo design services for all your needs. A few of the finest creative professionals work with us, and we have over ten years of experience in the field. In the past tens of thousands of clients, we have offered logo design services worldwide.

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    How Inquisitive Logo help in Brand Awareness.
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    Minimalistic Log Design that Attracts Million Eye Balls.
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    Give your business the unique identity it needs with White Bunnie. From logos and business cards to brochures, postcards and more: our team of designers can do it all! Get in touch today or explore our services online to learn more.

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    Logo design is Significant for Your Business:
    • A logo distinguishes you from your competitor.
    • Your logo identifies the key aspects of your business.
    • An appealing logo engages new customers.
    • Brand loyalty is enhanced by good logo.
    Do you need Logo Designing Service ?
    Logo Designing FAQs
    • If you would like to change your existing logo, we can do the same for you. Additionally, we offer multiple revisions and a variety of concepts for our own logo designs.

    • We welcome your suggestions. Our graphic designers can take your concepts and translate them into logo designs that reflect your vision. If you need alternatives, we can provide them too.

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