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Email marketing Services

Our in-house marketing team creates email campaigns for you that are primarily focused on promoting your brand and product/service. These emails are delivered in bulk directly to the recipient’s inbox with little wait time and at a fair price.

We are confident that we provide the best email marketing services since we check all the following boxes:

  • Managing enormous contact lists and creating a database.
  • Subscription management.
  • ensuring that your email can be sent to thousands of inboxes in a matter of hours.
  • Delivery of the content and all email design formats, including HTML and JPG.
  • Email delivery is subject to spam check.
  • personalization and customization of each and every postal piece.
  • Managing and separating your mailing lists (In-house team, clients, leads, etc).
  • Verifying and offering attachment file support
  • Providing flexibility in scheduling
  • monitoring the open and click through rates constantly
  • Reports and data collection on parameters like the open rate, unsubscribe rate, click-through rate, bounce rate, etc.


We live in the world of eMail. We have experience and technology to help you execute your next email campaign.

Email Marketing Experts

Give Your Prospects The Assurance They Need

We make sure that your marketing strategies compel consumers to act and captivate your target audience. Over We have established ourselves as one of the leading email marketing companies throughout the years by assisting businesses in saving time and resources through our services. As a result, we help your business expand by creating, implementing, and maintaining personalized email marketing campaigns that are catered to your requirements.

Here is a run-through of the work we’ve recently accomplished, including web forms, polls, surveys, emails, and landing sites.

Renewable Energy Company

sSEO Marketing Solutions
  • +800%

    Online Leads

  • +126.5%

    Organic Search Traffic

Removalist Company

sSEO Marketing Solutions
  • +130%

    Organic Revenue

  • +70%

    Website Traffic

Mortgage Company

sSEO Marketing Solutions
  • +763%

    Qualified Leads

  • +349%

    Keywords Ranked in Top 5

White Bunnie is serving its customers successfully across five oceans. We develop your business so that it can help to grow us.


Although there are several factors at play, the secret to White Bunnie's success lies in our stellar content. Your intended audience needs to receive emails that are appealing, informative, and individualized. But this isn't as simple as it sounds. Art and science must work together to produce persuasive content. Good copy and design, as well as astute list building, audience segmentation, and useful testing also play a vital role in email marketing.

White Bunnie will assist you in creating an effective email marketing campaign by:

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What helps them leave a lasting impression on your readers?

Seo Business Success


Plan ahead and provide a detailed summary on how to enhance your email marketing strategy.

Seo Business Success


Recognize the unique qualities of your readership.

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Online Email Marketing Services

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    Most businesses begin with proper objectives in mind. increasing sales, luring new clients, and fortifying ties with current

    members. However, businesses frequently have trouble mastering efficient email marketing. They are confused about how to organize their emails’ content and when to send it, which makes them feel lost. In the end, they send unsuccessful emails or decide not to begin their marketing campaign. In either case, they’re passing on a good investment. At White Bunnie, we help you get your email marketing strategy right so you never have to worry about this again.

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    At White Bunnie, we collaborate with you throughout the entire process of implementing your newsletter advertising. We create email

    templates, plan your strategy, produce engaging content, and create subject lines that direct customers to your website. So, by creating email marketing solutions tailored to your particular business objectives, we assist you in getting the most out of your email list.

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    HTML coding is your best option if you want to include a wide variety of graphics, fonts, and layouts in your emails in an attractive and

    engaging way. Making your message more enticing, HTML enables you to create emails that closely resemble a page on your website. Any dynamic element, such as call-to-action buttons, connections to other online material, user forms, etc., can be included in an HTML email.

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    Therefore, email automation is a tool that enables you to communicate with your audience in reaction to a particular action taken on your

    website or mobile application. When a certain trigger is met, White Bunnie will set up your automated email campaign to deliver one-to-one emails to your audience in real time.

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    Through client engagement, you can quickly onboard new recipients, interact with them during important personal times, recognize positive

    conduct, and reactivate users. As a result, it will be simple for your readers to think of you whenever they require the solutions you provide. By using our email marketing services, you may increase customer engagement, retention, and loyalty.

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    An email marketing expert continuously optimizes your messages to keep your company top-of-mind with your subscribers.

    This is exactly what White Bunnie does. We assist you in maintaining a strong brand presence with your audience through efficient email marketing management. The White Bunnie team optimizes your campaign to assist your business in enhancing its overall ROI and inbound marketing performance.


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Customers are always evaluating their options. Almost 97% of buyers claim that they are more likely to open customized emails directed to them. At White Bunnie, we make sure your email newsletters are always customized to fit your audience, helping you get that extra boost.

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Our email marketing company carefully segments your audience in order to provide them with relevant material. We choose the top email newsletter services after collecting the demographic information about your audience and where they are in your sales funnel and segment the emails accordingly.

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Designing an email so that it appeals to the intended recipient is known as email design. Your email’s design needs to be eye-catching, appealing to the eye, and consistent with your brand if you want it to be effective. As a result, you can grab the recipients’ attention, encourage them to keep reading, and leave a lasting impression.

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    Why Choose White Bunnie?

    White Bunnie is a well-known email marketing agency that provides dependable email marketing services.

    • Curation of content for emails and newsletters using creative diagnosis.
    • Ad hoc and custom email designs picked from our library of expertly-designed templates
    • Personalized and accurate email for targets.
    • higher hit rates and emails with spam filters.
    • Routine Reports and Real-Time Monitoring.
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    The experience you need

    10+ years. We've seen it — and fixed it

    Even while it is simple to create an email campaign internally, we advise using professional services because certain categories require specific attention.
    In order to prevent the domain or sender IP from being blacklisted and to keep bounce rates as low as possible we place a high priority on the legitimacy of subscriber email addresses and the assurance of the contacts.
    Since your mailing list goes through our intelligent filters, separating computer generated email addresses from human-generated email addresses, fixing common errors in domain names, email address formats, and other points are also taken into consideration to give you the highest efficiency and ROI of your email campaign.
    At White Bunnie, we hope to enhance your customer relationships with all of these specialities and diligent work. We have a duty to provide the best service since you chose us and put your trust in us. This is something we hold in high regard and work hard to ensure you receive only the best outcomes.

    Advantages of Email Marketing On Your Business
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    Email Marketing for Small Business: The Definitive Guide
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    How Email Marketing can grow your business?
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    Make Email Marketing One Click Easier With White Bunnie!

    White Bunnie monitor your prospects’  click-through rate (CTR) and conversion ratio in order to keep tabs on their actions. By doing this, we assist you in getting the most out of your  marketing budget while still having a significant influence on your clients. By collaborating with us, we can guarantee that your online promotional efforts will produce the best outcomes.

    Why are email marketing services so important?

    Among all the digital marketing options available to organizations, email marketing stands out as one of the best techniques for reaching and engaging your target audience. This is because it can have incredible outcomes when done correctly. The return on investment for email marketing can reach 4200%. This means every dollar spent on an email marketing campaign returns $42 USD.Therefore, this is the way to go if you’re looking for a solution that will enhance your sales, referrals and leads without breaking the bank. If you’re still not persuaded, we can show you the advantages of this digital marketing tool.

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      Invest in Email Marketing

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      Get your rankings raised

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      Get more traffic on your website

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      Generate more leads

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      Increased sales for your business.

    The Question is How is Email Marketing A Great Investment? It’s Simple
    • It is NOT expensive.
    • It improves the user experience.
    • It results in increased quality website traffic.
    • It results in increased sales and revenue, thereby improving your digital marketing ROI.
    • It boosts your business’s long-term success.
    • It brings increased brand awareness and authority.
    Do you need Email marketing Services ?
    Email Marketing Services FAQs
      • Target your list first
      • Establish campaign objectives
      • Create a headline for your campaign
      • Draft a compelling email
      • Incorporate psychology to encourage clicks
      • Ensure your design is effective, etc.
    • You can increase sales and reach your target audience in a personalized way by creating a strong email marketing strategy. With email marketing tools, your business can connect with customers easier than ever before, just as other platforms and media have changed.

    • With email automation, you can automate the sending of emails based on actions, such as when a subscriber adds an item to their cart or downloads an asset.