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Our in-house marketing team creates email campaigns for you that are primarily focused on promoting your brand and product/service. These emails are delivered in bulk directly to the recipient’s inbox with little wait time and at a fair price.
We are confident that we provide the best email marketing services since we check all the following boxes:
  • Managing enormous contact lists and creating a database.
  • Subscription management.
  • Ensuring that your email can be sent to thousands of inboxes in a matter of hours.
  • Delivery of the content and all email design formats, including HTML and JPG.
  • Email delivery is subject to spam check.
  • Personalization and customization of each and every postal piece.
  • Managing and separating your mailing lists (In-house team, clients, leads, etc).
  • Verifying and offering attachment file support
  • Providing flexibility in scheduling
  • Monitoring the open and click through rates constantly
  • Reports and data collection on parameters like the open rate, unsubscribe rate, click-through rate, bounce rate, etc.

You’ve landed on the perfect page! Our SEO service is designed to deliver more than just a strategy, it’s about impactful implementation and tangible results. We go the extra mile to secure high rankings, drive significant traffic, and boost sales by increasing lead generation. Our commitment to leaving no stone unturned places us at the forefront of top-rated SEO consultant firms.


The Question Is How Is Email Marketing A Great Investment? It’s Simple

At White Bunnie, we offer a full range of professional SEO services to ensure that your business is visible in search by using only reliable, future-proof and upgraded, such as:
    • It is NOT expensive.
    • It results in increased quality website traffic.
    • It boosts your business’s long-term success.
    • It improves the user experience.
    • It results in increased sales and revenue, thereby improving your digital marketing ROI.
    • It brings increased brand awareness and authority.

Code Of Ethics

White Bunnie is committed to honesty, transparency, and personal accountability in our work. Being a search engine optimization specialist, we strive constantly to achieve higher rankings, improved traffic, and conversions for our clients’ business while strictly adhering to our Code of Ethics.

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What Our Client Talking About Company

  • seth

    “White Bunnie offered guidance and support in all aspects of getting our Google My Business local pages set up for our storage and coworking business in the San Francisco area.”

    Jeff Wright
    Bridge Storage

  • seth

    “We would like to thank the WhiteBunnie team for their services. We also appreciate your efforts towards providing us better service and we hope we associate again for more work”

    Jemi Anklesaria
    Owner & Consultant, Franchise Consultancy

  • Christina

    “WhiteBunnie is a professional and reliable company which offers great value at all times. We have been working with them for a long time and had a lot of success. Much appreciated!”

    Christina Zhang
    Market Cube

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please check this FAQ First before contacting us.
  • Target your list first Establish campaign objectives Create a headline for your campaign Draft a compelling email Incorporate psychology to encourage clicks Ensure your design is effective, etc.

  • You can increase sales and reach your target audience in a personalized way by creating a strong email marketing strategy. With email marketing tools, your business can connect with customers easier than ever before, just as other platforms and media have changed.

  • With email automation, you can automate the sending of emails based on actions, such as when a subscriber adds an item to their cart or downloads an asset.

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