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Social Media Marketing

Social media advertising is a type of internet advertising that uses sites like Instagram, Meta, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others to build brand recognition, engage users, and connect businesses with a larger audience.

Are Social Media Advertising Services Really Necessary?

  • Does your company have the support it needs from social media platforms?
  • Do you wish to attract more prospective clients?
  • Does your company receive leads from social media?
  • Having trouble gaining more accurate customer insights?
  • Do you have a rising cost per acquisition?

The correct social media marketing company can help you develop a clear strategy without blowing your budget out of the water. Businesses can utilize social media marketing to gain significant information into their target market’s preferences, likes, and interests, enabling them to create a customized marketing plan to draw in those consumers. By using social media marketing, you can increase the visibility of your business online and forge deep connections with your followers and customers.

White Bunnie gives you a free analysis, strategy, project plan, list of key performance metrics, and timeframe before signing up to help you better understand our process.

How much do social media advertising services cost?

Why Is Social Media Advertising The Right Solution For You?

Promote Your Business to More Prospects

We’ve been offering social media marketing services for more than ten years in order to increase a company’s online presence, lead generation, and sales. Numerous client success stories have resulted from our SMM tactics and techniques. Here are a few recent examples:

Renewable Energy Company

sSEO Marketing Solutions
  • +592%

    New Positive Reviews in 5 Months

  • 55X

    More Positive Reviews Added in 6 Months

Removalist Company

sSEO Marketing Solutions
  • +357%

    New Positive Reviews in 6 Months

  • 23X

    More Positive Reviews Added in 1 Year

Mortgage Company

sSEO Marketing Solutions
  • +90%

    New Positive Reviews in 3 Months

  • +20X

    More Positive Reviews Added in 6 Months

As an award-winning social media marketing company, we maintain full transparency so you can see first-hand how our efforts are increasing your online revenue.

How Social Media Contributes To Your Business' Success

As more people use social media to connect with businesses, the amount of competition also increases. Let our social advertising agency refine your social media ad strategy and serve social media advertising that hooks the attention of your target leads throughout your marketing funnel.

White Bunnie Agency is one of the most established social media advertising companies, providing conversion-centric social media ad services. We help you gain complete control over your social media ad budget and audience targeting approach to maximize the impact of your paid social media campaigns.

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Our dedicated account managers are reachable by phone or email to answer any inquiries and hold conversations.

Seo Business Success


We conduct a detailed analysis of your social media marketing plan before you launch your campaign.

Seo Business Success


To develop social media marketing strategies that are efficient and increase return on investment, we pinpoint your target demographic and work accordingly.

The Social Media Advertising Agency you've been looking for is here with solutions

White Bunnie pays attention to your business goals, understands your brand identity, market, observes your competitive landscape, and utilizes those insights to design custom Social Media Ads strategies that drive your business forward and beyond.

Ramp up your Conversion Rate!

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Why Does Your Business Need To Use Social Media Advertising?

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    With paid social advertising, you can quickly target particular consumers and tap into new business niches.

    In just four months, White Bunnie has assisted a gaming firm in reaching 290,137 people overall and gaining 1,600 new Facebook, 1,000 new Instagram, and 155 new Twitter followers through social media advertising!

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    Do you have a tight budget? Start social media advertising to expand the internet reach of your organic postings.

    Different channels for social media advertising offer adaptable ways to create social media ads from your best-performing content and connect with individuals who are really interested in what you have to offer.

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    Social media advertising doesn’t just help you create a social media presence, it also helps you take prospects down the sales funnel

    and generate new and reliable leads, in turn increasing your website conversion rates.

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    Because social media channels provide a convenient and enjoyable means of interacting with their preferred companies,

    online users are more active on various sorts of social media advertising platforms. In fact, in just 10 months of activity, a top advising firm’s Facebook advertising helped it produce 41,074 clicks, while its Twitter advertising campaign drove 625,932 impressions.

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    Depending on your marketing goals, you can improve social advertisements landing pages to generate targeted leads and

    retarget visitors who didn’t convert right away. A comprehensive social networking ads strategy enables you to segment campaigns by age group, profession, or gender, tailor your offer, and attract qualified leads into your sales funnel.

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    What social networks’ advertisements generated the most impressions? Was the landing page for your social media ads successful?

    You may use analytics like clicks, visits, and comments to gauge the success of your social media advertising and inform upcoming campaigns by using social media advertising.

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    What particular issue can your company solve for a customer? With laser-focused social media advertising for businesses,

    you can highlight the USPs of your top goods or services and utilize engaging calls-to-action (CTAs) to inspire customers to take concrete actions in the direction of your intended action.

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    Launching time-sensitive offers is made easier and more profitable with social advertising, whether you’re presenting new collections to prior

    customers or deploying seasonal offers to inspire targeted consumers to purchase. Paid social media marketing are a practical, affordable choice to sway customers’ purchasing decisions and increase revenues.

The Platforms Best Suited For Your Business’s Niche & Needs

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For the purpose of generating interest in your brand’s offerings and guiding potential customers down your conversion funnel, Facebook advertising and Facebook ads management make use of a variety of social ad formats, including image ads, video ads, poll ads, and carousel ads. Facebook advertising providers advise businesses wishing to micro-target their precise consumers and obtain quick results to use Facebook ad management. You can obtain purchases within a couple of days because Facebook social networks advertising are normally approved within 24 hours!

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Instagram advertising is quite similar to Facebook advertising in luring followers and generating brand engagements, with over 1.07 billion active users globally. Through sponsored content and innovative ad formats, Instagram advertising provides amazing chances for companies of all shapes and sizes to build their audience. To access a wide range of targeting choices and optimization features that simplify ad management, social media advertising agencies combine your Instagram advertising campaign with Facebook Ads Manager.

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Are you thinking about running Twitter ads to broaden the audience for your website and produce more conversions directly? A Twitter ad campaign is used by many companies, particularly those in the eCommerce marketing sector, to raise brand awareness and highlight particular products in the hopes of generating quick sales. To achieve successful business outcomes, social media advertising businesses that offer Twitter advertising test out various Twitter ad campaign kinds, such as promoted tweets, promoted accounts, promoted trends, and promoted moments.

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Business-to-business (B2B) marketers aiming to maximize social media advertising efficacy in generating leads are advised to advertise on LinkedIn. LinkedIn advertising is the answer if C-suite executives and subject matter experts make up your target market. Advertising on LinkedIn offers a level of targeting accuracy that even the greatest social networking platforms for business can’t equal because to its wide audience, precise market data, and variety of ad formats, including Sponsored content, text ads, Sponsored InMail, and dynamic advertisements.

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Since its official introduction in 2016, TikTok has rapidly grown to become one of the most well-liked platforms for social media advertising for companies. TikTok advertising is used by many social media advertising companies today to promote brands, encourage consumer advocacy, and establish brand credibility. Through adaptable ad formats like in-feed advertisements, branded hashtag challenges, and brand takeover ads, TikTok advertising makes it simple to design outstanding campaigns—unlike Facebook advertising management and many other sorts of social media advertising strategy.

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Does Pinterest marketing make the most sense for your company? Start advertising on Pinterest to maximize your potential for full-funnel marketing! Pinterest is one of the most cost-effective social media and advertising platforms for displaying your social networks ads and boosting target completions, with a population of 400 million active users monthly. Similar to Facebook advertising, Pinterest advertising uses a pay-for-placement (P4P) model. This means that you pay to have your Pinterest advertising promoted on the product Pins of your choice.

Is Your Site Optimized?

Seo Analysis and Research
Keyword Analysis & Research

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Seo Analysis and Research
On-site Optimization

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    Why Choose White Bunnie For Your Social Media Marketing?

    White Bunnie is one of the best social media marketing companies that maintain full transparency with our clients so that they can see how we put in efforts to increase their online presence as well as revenue. We offer a wide range of professional social media marketing services to ensure that your business is visible in search by using only reliable, future-proof, and upgraded methods.

    • A dedicated team of professionals.
    • A custom strategy for social media marketing
    • Client Satisfaction and Strategy Outcome
    • Using the latest social media marketing techniques
    • Detailed audience research and analysis
    • Social Media Marketing team with great Experiences
    • Providing high-quality copywriting services for your Ad Copies
    • Dedicated assigned member per ad account
    • Affordable social media marketing packages
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    Our Effective Advertising Methodology

    First Step on the Path to Digital Ads Success

    Given the rising popularity of social media and the internet , it is nearly difficult to survive in the current market without effective optimization . It is the primary justification for why businesses allocate a substantial percentage of their money to social media marketing .

    White Bunnie is a for-profit social media marketing company that only prioritizes customer retention and satisfaction. Our social media advertising experts collaborate closely with customers to create long-term profitable campaigns . We use a tried-and-true process to get quantifiable results.

    With our Social Media Advertising Services, these are the Benefits you will Get:
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    The Social Media Ad Services That Boost Your Online Presence

    The Social Media Ad Services That Get You Ranked
    By getting in touch with us online right now, you can learn more about how our agency and social media ad management services can help you expand your online presence, boost sales, and enhance client loyalty. Or call us to have a private conversation.

    Let Your Money Make Money For You

    Spending your entire budget on an agency is asking to purchasing a car without gas. We do not desire a large retainer from you. We would prefer that you cover the actual cost of the service and that we use any surplus funds for paid advertising. This will benefit both you and us.

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      Dedicated Account Manager

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      Develop Advertising Strategy

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      Create Engaging Advertisements

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      Monitor Your Ads & Optimize

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      Reporting and Communication

    Social Media Ads That Can Add Value To Your Campaign:
    • Photo Ads: Since they put your product in front of the buyer, photo ads are excellent for raising brand awareness.
    • Video advertisements: Over half of all social media users will view an entire video if it is under one minute long, according to Vidyard.
    • Story Ads: A study by Instagram Business found that 50% of users surveyed claimed they visited a website to make a purchase after seeing a product or service advertised on a Stories ad.
    • Facebook Messenger advertising appear in-between chats in the Chats tab of the user's Messenger account, in contrast to photo, video, and Story ads. Potential customers can visit your website by clicking on the advertisement.
    Do you need Social Media Advertising?
    Social Media Advertising FAQs
    • We evaluate conversions and online traffic as our main performance indicators. We’ll assess how many visitors visit your website and how many of them really take the necessary action.

    • Each month’s traffic volume will differ. It depends on your advertising budget and how successful we make your campaign. We can produce greater outcomes for you the more petrol we have in the tank.

    • Conversion rates will also differ. We’ll be able to monitor how many people were converted as a result of our adverts. This will enable us to gradually enhance our advertising efforts using performance data. We predict your conversion rate will rise over time in light of this.
      It’s crucial to remember that there are outside variables that influence conversions but which we are powerless to influence. Price, product quality, website location, and the market you’re competing in are all included.

    • It depends, is the response. You will need to invest money in social media advertising, but there are various ad campaigns you may conduct. While some campaigns prioritize impressions, others adhere to the pay-per-click business model used by Bing Ads and Google Ads. However, the precise sum you must budget for your social media advertising will vary depending on a number of variables.

      We advise our clients to take into account the typical lifetime worth of a customer for their company. Once you are aware of this, decide how much you are willing to spend on a single consumer. We think we can assist you in acquiring clients at a lucrative rate with the support of an expert social media ad manager.

    • Your own personal account manager will be assigned to you. This expert has experience dealing with clients in your sector and has training in social media advertising. Your main point of contact will be with this person. All deliverables are additionally reviewed internally before being provided to you. This is done to make sure you get quality work and to get out of sticky circumstances.

    • We will send you a questionnaire so that we can get to know your company. After finishing, we will arrange a kickoff call with you to go over the questionnaire and validate your responses. Additionally, just in case we need to ask you about your company again. Following the kickoff call, we will conduct additional research and create a strategy that is unique to your company.

    • We discover more about your ad preferences in the questionnaire. The advertising campaign we create for your organization will be outlined in the strategy we create for you. If you agree with this strategy, we will begin creating the advertising in a calendar. All adverts will be available for your assessment prior to publication.

    • No, you are not required to give us content. We will gladly use whatever content you provide, though.

      Your account manager may create original ads that complement your brand. Stock images and basic design applications are available to us. These materials can be used by us to create adverts that will interest your audience.

    • Yes, your social media manager will keep tabs on your marketing initiatives every day. We will pause your advertisements if they are not working properly and adjust your campaign.

      Additionally, as time goes on, your campaign will be optimized by your social media manager. Most of the time, we are conducting A/B split tests for your advertising campaign. This method involves experimenting with different iterations of your adverts and the target consumers for them. By experimenting with various ad combinations, we are more likely to identify areas of efficiency.

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