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Leverage the Power of Data!

Google APIs are a set of application programming interfaces (APIs) created by Google that allows users to communicate with Google Services and integrate them with other services. These APIs can be used by third-party programmes to access or extend the functionality of existing services. The APIs include features such as analytics, machine learning as a service (the Prediction API), and user data access.

White Bunnie has extensive expertise in developing and deploying APIs for a variety of platforms. We were early adopters of Google APIs, and we can provide expert guidance and integration of Google Maps and Google Checkout into your current or future websites.

Integrating Google APIs can present challenges, including authentication complexities, managing usage quotas, handling data format variations, staying updated with version changes, and effective error handling. Our expertise ensures seamless integration, optimizing performance and reliability, so you can leverage Google’s power with confidence.


Why Us?

White Bunnie has extensive experience delivering API integration and development services that use standard or custom APIs to connect software, applications, third-party apps, and websites. We ensure safe API connections by using a variety of API authentication techniques, such as basic oAuth, oAuth1, oAuth2, API Keys, basic HTTP, JSON Web Token (JWT), SAML, and token, to mention a few. We’ve worked on a number of API integrations over the years, using REST, JSON, SOAP, and other communication techniques to provide our clients with API integrations that help them be more productive.
  • Create custom API solutions that are safe and secure
  • Eliminate redundancy.
  • Fill that gap with bidirectional data sharing.
  • Sync with real-time data
  • Detailed research and analysis of keywords and market trends.
  • Payment processing is made simple via API integration
  • Faster implementation and lower costs
  • Rapid advancement in the future

Code Of Ethics

White Bunnie is committed to honesty, transparency, and personal accountability in our work. Being a search engine optimization specialist, we strive constantly to achieve higher rankings, improved traffic, and conversions for our clients’ business while strictly adhering to our Code of Ethics.

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  • seth

    “White Bunnie offered guidance and support in all aspects of getting our Google My Business local pages set up for our storage and coworking business in the San Francisco area.”

    Jeff Wright
    Bridge Storage

  • seth

    “We would like to thank the WhiteBunnie team for their services. We also appreciate your efforts towards providing us better service and we hope we associate again for more work”

    Jemi Anklesaria
    Owner & Consultant, Franchise Consultancy

  • Christina

    “WhiteBunnie is a professional and reliable company which offers great value at all times. We have been working with them for a long time and had a lot of success. Much appreciated!”

    Christina Zhang
    Market Cube

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please check this FAQ First before contacting us.
  • Our Google API Integration Service facilitates seamless data exchange between various Google services (such as Google Maps, Gmail, Google Drive, etc.) and other platforms by leveraging Google's robust APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). We ensure smooth integration of features like authentication, data retrieval, and interaction capabilities, enabling efficient communication and synchronization between systems.

  • Yes, we specialize in customizing Google API Integration solutions to meet the unique needs and objectives of each business. Whether it's integrating Google Maps for location-based services, Gmail for email communication, or Google Analytics for website analytics, we tailor our solutions to align with your specific business requirements and maximize efficiency.

  • Our Google API Integration Service prioritizes security and compliance throughout the integration process. We adhere to best practices for data encryption, access control, and user consent management to safeguard sensitive information and comply with Google's API usage policies, as well as relevant data protection regulations such as GDPR.

  • We offer comprehensive support and maintenance services for Google API Integration solutions, including regular updates, troubleshooting, and performance monitoring. Our dedicated team ensures that integrations remain robust, reliable, and up-to-date with the latest Google API changes and advancements, providing peace of mind for our clients.

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