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Digital PR Outreach

The primary purpose of digital PR outreach is to make journalists, bloggers, influencers, and other types of online publishers aware of the content campaigns we have created so they will consider publishing them.
Additionally, having a good digital outreach strategy ensures that new relationships are cultivated so that you are a trusted source of data, research and information in the future; so that our emails are read continuously.

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Types of outreach

Our outreach services fall into three broad categories:

Seo Business Success


We have years of experience and a solid reputation, making sure that material-hungry journalists use and respect our digital PR campaigns.

Seo Business Success


You can reach bloggers and influencers with a powerful PR campaign if you use effective tactics. Additionally, topical relevance is greatly enhanced.

Seo Business Success


It’s a great way to get your content in front of a receptive and engaged audience.

Things To Keep In Mind

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    Know your target audience

    If you are targeting a journalist or blogger, you should know who they are. Investigate media outlets (publications, magazines,

    blogs) and journalists you intend to contact.
    You should read as many articles and blogs as possible written by those journalists who cover the topic you are studying. As a result, you will be familiar with the type of content they produce and can create content that will be of interest to them.

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    Compelling Content Creation

    The main reason press outreach fails is that the content pitched isn’t relevant to the journalist’s interests or writings.

    Before reaching out, make sure your story suits their needs.

    Keep an eye out for terms related to your industry and those of your competitors.
    By using it, you will be able to find bloggers and journalists who write about those topics.
    In press pitches, you usually have just a few seconds to make your email stand out among busy journalists’ inboxes.
    An intriguing subject line can make a big difference here. Your subject line can determine whether or not your pitch is opened, let alone read, if it is short, sweet, yet piques curiosity and is personalized.

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    Relevant Story Creation

    A good pitch will outline the story in a way that is relevant to the journalist’s audience. Ideally, it should not exceed

    200-300 words and should be clear and concise. Be aware of possible headlines as well as the key message your content conveys to that audience.
    In a quick bullet list, describe the newsworthy aspects of the content and the emotional insights contained therein.
    Be sure to time your pitch ahead of the public release of your press release if you are offering an exclusive.

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    Worthy Content

    Reports from credible sources are original and newsworthy. If you do not show the journalist and their audience the value of

    your content, your pitch will fail.
    Make sure you emphasize how your content aligns with the priorities of your audience.

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Code of Ethics

White Bunnie is committed to honestytransparency, and personal accountability in our work. Being a digital marketing specialist, we strive constantly to achieve greater success for our clients’ business while strictly adhering to our Code of Ethics.

Main Elements Of A Media Outreach Plan
  • Identify Your Audience And Segment It
  • Describe what success looks like
  • Create and develop stories
  • Make schedules
  • Create media lists
Do you need Media Outreach & PR Support Services ?
  • It is difficult to get initial traction no matter how good the content or asset is if no one knows about it. You can think of PR outreach as a first step towards gaining visibility and publishing for PR content. However, it is important to note that, if done correctly, it can make all the difference in the success of a viral campaign.

    • Identify your target audience.
    • Create your own media list.
    • Create a compelling subject line.
    • Develop a story relevant to your topic.
    • Demonstrate the value of your content.
  • A customer outreach strategy is a set of tactics designed to attract new customers. A successful outreach strategy may consist of one action or a combination of multiple actions depending on the complexity of your sales organization. Depending on your business needs, your outreach strategy may have different goals.