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Client Redressal Mechanism

As e-Government applications and related awareness of ICT services and citizen rights expand in extent and coverage, the number of complaints and redressals is expected to increase along with it. This number will only continue to grow until adequate practices and processes for their disposition or redressal are in place.

While most organizations have some sort of complaint resolution procedure in place, these systems frequently provide less than satisfying results for clients looking for a redressal.

Do you need a proper client redressal system for your business? Are you trying to guarantee that you have an opportunity to communicate with an unhappy or aggrieved client before they take legal action? With our customer redressal method, we White Bunnie can ensure you receive a second chance to rectify problems before they get out of hand.

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Our Services

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    Office Analysis

    Office analysis programs are implemented in every company. These programme take into account every office, its locations, the

    number of staff present, the volume of work handled by them, and their work history. All of this information can provide you with important data for a client redressal, such as which office receives the most redressals, or common factors amongst your unsatisfied clients. All offices receiving more than 65% of redressals should be taken into account and managed with new measures that ensure client satisfaction.

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    Category Analysis

    We identify the groups that account for more than 60% of all redressals. Categorization will be done based on the

    service that is creating the problem and the most pressing issues. One of the most important aspects of client redressal is to distinguish between suggestions, inquiries, and complaints. With White Bunnie by your side, you can easily segregate and solve these issues by our categorization. We also implement new measures that help you receive better results, such as adding a free text option rather than an objectives list to choose from.

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    Service Identification

    In order to cut down the larger number of complaints addressed towards your company, it is important to analyze the issue with a concentrated service

    identification. This can gather a random statistical sampling of defined volume for issues from each category so that they can be studied in detail for systemic improvements. Our method ensures that you solve every issue rather than using a generic approach to only solve one major problem.

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    Monitoring & Evaluation

    The most important aspect of developing a client redressal mechanism is ensuring that it will be convenient to obtain key metrics through a

    dashboard feature. Some of the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that are taken into consideration while we develop your program are the average complaints per day, the disposal rate, and the average disposal time. This information allows every involved party to understand the root of the issue and fix it.

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    Why White Bunnie?

    It's one thing to have a redress platform but another to show that you have the proper intentions. This is why we implement certain goals to ensure that our client redress method is the best fit for you. Some aspects that set our services aside from others are:

    • We set up early-on solutions that can cut down your problems from the root.
    • Your clients get open channels for effective communication
    • We promote a productive relationship
    • We reduce and prevent any negative impact on your company name and image
    • We ensure your connections and other clients are not affected by these issues
    • Providing high-quality copywriting services for your website to keep the content updated and promote return visitors.
    • Publication of articles on social media, curated sites, and news outlets.
    • Analyze trends, traffic, and other data with tracking software.
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    Our Effective Client Redressal Mechanism

    Step One on the Path to Digital Success

    The process of creating a client redressal mechanism builds credibility and confidence, this is why the method a redressal resolution system is developed is just as significant as the ultimate form it takes. We use a collaborative approach to keep every party in the loop and ensure our product caters to all of your needs.

    Our Process
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    Code of Ethics

    White Bunnie is committed to honestytransparency, and personal accountability in our work. We strive constantly to achieve success for our clients’ business while strictly adhering to our Code of Ethics.

    Client Redressal FAQs
    • A redressal mechanism is a set of measures that allow partners, employees, clients, and other impacted parties to raise redressal concerns with the owner and seek redress when they see a negative impact as a result of the entity’s actions.

    • A redressal mechanism is used for the redressal of your issue if you have a complaint about any goods or services that you have received. In the event of a dispute over goods or services obtained from you, any person, including government or non-government bodies, can file a consumer complaint either directly or through a lawyer.
      This can entail several losses for you and your company that could have been prevented with our services. We ensure that you get a chance to speak with your clients and solve the issue before they take legal action. This benefits both you and the client and gives both parties a chance to sort the matter out.

    • There are four types of client redressals that can be addressed with our mechanism. They are:
      1. Pay and benefits redressals.
      2. Bullying redressals.
      3. Working conditions redressals.
      4. Workload redressals.

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