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We can assist you at every level of the process, from defining your idea to developing it and delivering it. There are a lot of things to think about, and a lot of things to do. Let us assist you. We’ll take care of the details and assist you in realising your vision. We can assist you at any step of your journey, whether you have just started or are far along the way.

The foundation of any project is the development of a well-thought-out and precise strategy. Success is impossible without it.

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The Base of Idea Development

Design thinking and company development come together in our strategic planning process. We feel that both growth hacking and traditional marketing have significant roles to play. Virality is created by growth hacks, and their effectiveness is determined by strategy. If you’re working on an app idea, the goal is to get as many monthly active users as feasible. You need conversions if you want to grow your online presence. We’ve led projects in all of these areas, as well as others, and we know how to design a winning strategy.

Everything from design components to marketing outreach campaigns is part of our strategic planning. We analyse every facet of each project to ensure that your concept has a smooth journey to the top.

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    Our Process


    Proper planning is the most critical aspect of turning an idea into a successful operational reality. Unfortunately, most new businesses fail at this stage because they lack direction or ignore key components of the development process.

    At White Bunnie, our team of industry experts will collaborate with you to create a one-of-a-kind strategy for the advancement of your idea. We’ll assist you in identifying any weaknesses or potential speed bumps in your business and developing methods to help you achieve your goals.

    During this step we determine:

    • Goals and aspirations for your innovation
    • The high-level cost of delivery
    • Your target market & demographics
    • A feasibility assessment for viability
    • The inner-workings of your innovation
    • Your funding strategy
    • Your overall business plan


    We’ll collaborate with you to come up with the best options for how you’ll construct, design, and deliver your invention. Our team will devise the most effective strategy for getting your idea ready for market and presenting it to potential clients.

    There are no two innovations that are alike. As a result, we take a flexible and personalised approach for each of our clients. Using the knowledge of our extended team and partners, we will build a strategy tailored to your business and recruit the right individuals to help you along the way.

    This step includes:

    • Manufacturing options or service delivery
    • Logistics, warehousing and shipping
    • Branding, ethos and product design
    • Advertising message and direction
    • Marketing channels, budget and plan
    • Online distribution and retail options
    • Physical distribution and retail options
    • The price-points of your product or service


    It’s time to put your innovation into action once it’s been developed and designed. We better facilitate the delivery for commercialisation through our extended team of industry experts. We’ll collaborate with you to put all of the pieces in place to make your idea a reality. Our staff will oversee the operation to guarantee that everything goes according to plan, on schedule, and on budget.

    This step covers:

    • Execution of marketing plan
    • Project time, budget & delivery management
    • The official launch of your product or service
    • Pre-market testing and quality control
    • Ongoing analysis and management
    • Execution of distribution/sales plan

    Discover the advantages of working with an experienced group of industry professionals who can help you take your idea or business to the next level with White Bunnie.

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