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Google Analytics Continues to Evolve

Although GA has long been a fantastic tool for tracking websites, it has never been as effective at evaluating the user experiences of mobile apps as it is with GA4. Brands can track all of their digital experiences with one framework thanks to the new GA, which is intended for cross-device measurement. This will result in a shift away from sessions and toward the user and event analysis, which will necessitate certain adjustments in analysts’ working methods.

However, those unable to use Google Analytics 4 effectively risk having these new features backfire on them. Are you:

  • Facing difficulties transitioning from universal analytics to GA4?
  • Unable to keep up with Google Analytics’ constant updates?
  • Looking for someone who can help you make the best out of Google Analytics 4?
  • In need of guidance to jump-start your GA4 setup?
  • Trying to improve and customize your analytics?

If the answer is yes, you’ve found the proper site. White Bunnie offers comprehensive data analytics services to support your company objectives. Our team of data professionals is available to assist with consulting, implementation, and optimization

Starting July 1st, 2023, Google Analytics' current version called Universal Analytics will stop working.

This means you need to switch to GA4 as soon as possible else your tracking will stop working. Are you Ready?

Elevate Your Google Analytics 4

What makes us stand out from other GA 4 consultants?

Brands like yours can finally benefit from marketing and optimization opportunities with the assistance of our partner by using actionable information. We offer a strong foundation for gathering data. We continue past digital analytics. We serve as an end-to-end partner in your effort to accelerate your analytics strategy, digital experience, and business transformation by providing detailed, high-quality data gathering, analysis, and recommendations.

When working together, the ideal partner may make a world of difference. As soon as possible, discuss your GA4 migration with us.

How GA4 Consulting Will Benefit Your Business

Google Analytics has undergone significant modification, and not simply in the way that its user interface for reporting has been altered. Everything about it has changed. Sessions and other measurements that may be easily broken down by platform or device are no longer the main focus. Now, users and their interactions—which are now only recorded as events—are the main focus.

At White Bunnie, we can help you understand and implement the new Google analytics 4 to better your understanding of your audience.

  • Enhanced visualisations and reporting: Although the platform’s UI has mostly stayed consistent, there are a number of new visualisations and reporting features. Existing visualizations have been improved and made more captivating, including “Real Time,” a fan favourite.
  • A plethora of Parameters: In order to gain value from analytics, having the appropriate data and level of granularity for some KPIs is extremely essential. Having more data doesn’t always equate to better data, this is why using the proper parameters can be helpful.
  • Powerful audiences for your ad campaigns: New, more potent measures introduced in GA4 translate into more potent analyst tools and integrations, which translate into more powerful marketing campaign audiences and improved return on advertising spend.

The GA4 Consulting Services firm you've been looking for is here with solutions

White Bunnie pays attention to your business goals, understands your brand identity, market, observes your competitive landscape, and utilizes those insights to design custom GA4 Consulting Services that drive your business forward and beyond.

Get ready to be discovered!

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With White Bunnie’s Google Analytics 4 Consulting You Get:

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    To develop a unique measuring approach, we will get to know your company and KPIs. We will begin by doing a Google Analytics &

    GTM audit to make sure your current implementation is accurate, relevant, and of high quality.

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    Correcting all the technical problems discovered during the audit and customizing and enhancing the current implementation

    (coding, configuring) based on the previously defined bespoke measurement approach.

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    Make sure your tracking functions as expected and that you’re gathering accurate and useful data before making any changes to your

    website or app. Analytics optimization can help with this.

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    In order to improve ROI and provide our clients with a more thorough picture of campaign impact on actual sales, we assist

    them in connecting their CRM or database with Google Ads and/or Google Analytics.

With Our GA4 Consulting Services, You Get:

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Transitioning from Universal Analytics to GA4

Transitioning from Universal Analytics to GA4

Allow us to smooth up your transition. We’ll handle the details so you may take advantage of GA4’s advantages without having to take time away from running your business. To locate the best-specialized solutions for you, we’ll start with a consultation and thorough analysis of your current analytics strategy.

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Implementing GA4

Implementing GA4

Our data professionals can help if you’re seeking to start using analytics for the first time. In order to better understand your customers, increase ROI, track engagement and conversions, and gain deeper insights from your data, let us develop a customized approach for your digital marketing needs.

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GA4 Consulting

GA4 Consulting

To help you and your team succeed, we provide Google Analytics 4 training. Your staff can improve their analytic skills through training or a unique consultation meeting with customised sessions.

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Google Analytics Data Audit

Google Analytics Data Audit

Over 25% of visitors will leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load in favour of a different search result. To retain and convert every potential customer, our Toronto SEO specialists will make sure that every element of your website, from the pictures to the backend code, is optimized for the quickest server response.

Is Your Site Optimized?

Seo Analysis and Research
Keyword Analysis & Research

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Seo Analysis and Research
On-site Optimization

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    Why White Bunnie?

    We help you:

    • Find out how visitors got to your site and what they entered to get there.
    • Recognize what website visitors do when they arrive.
    • Find out how to boost the number of website visitors who buy from you.
    • Learn which search terms are frequently used by prospective consumers and result in conversions.
    • Conduct A/B testing to assist you to figure out which internet ad or design is the most effective.
    • Look for ways to produce not just more but better quality leads.
    • Count the number of people who performed a particular action (purchase, lead inquiry, etc)
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    Our Methodology

    We are a partner who provides a solid data collection base, allowing brands to finally take advantage of marketing and optimization activation chances. Beyond digital analytics, we continue. We are a complete partner in the process of collecting reliable, high-quality data that results in using that rich data for insights and activation.

    Get Started With Your GA4 Setup Today
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    Code of Ethics

    Our team of Google Certified GA4 Specialists is committed to providing high-quality data analyses and suggestions to hasten your digital success. Additionally, White Bunnie will educate and train your team to enable continued success in the future.

    How Is A Google Analytics 4 Consultant Profitable?

    Before using the new GA for mission-critical analyses, brands who adopt the new GA will have time to build their internal capabilities. Early adoption will result in a backlog of historical data in the new format for the company before the entire transition. Additionally, the sooner the new GA is implemented, the sooner companies can begin utilizing features that are not available in GA Universal.

    The advantages of utilizing White Bunnie’s know-how in creating and executing the new GA outweigh the advantages of early adoption, though. Due to the significant differences in the data structures, much attention must be taken while designing the events, parameters, and other specifics that best utilize the new GA’s capabilities.

    With White Bunnie’s Google Analytics 4 Consultant you can:
    • Help you straightforwardly outline your goals & objectives so that you may comprehend how to get the most out of GA4 for your company.
    • Create bespoke dashboards with your key performance metrics to help you evaluate the success of your marketing and strategy.
    • Check your current account, make any necessary corrections, and put the best strategy into action for your company.
    • Publish monthly insight reports that will guide your decision-making and help you generate more leads and sales.
    • Properly optimize your digital marketing plan with our assistance.
    Do you need GA4 Consulting Services ?
    GA4 Consulting Services FAQs
    • One of our analytics developers will be your first point of contact; they will be working on your accounts (developing a strategy, coding, and configuring), managing the project, and corresponding with you regularly.

      Other team members will also participate in the testing stage to guarantee that your tracker performs as planned.

    • It depends on your objectives and the size of the project. For instance, a thorough Google Analytics & GTM audit often takes at least a week.

    • Your objectives and the extent of the job determine our cost. First, let’s discuss your goals, and then we may determine a price depending on those goals.

    • We concur that speed is crucial, but we can’t start implementing changes right away unless we fully understand your company, your circumstances, and your objectives.

      Let’s start by getting to know one another. We’d like to get started working with you as soon as possible if we’re a good fit for each other. The actual timetable and subsequent steps will rely on our first strategy, and we will let you know exactly what to expect by communicating it to you.

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