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We create the high-quality video content you need!

Increase the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaigns with video marketing. White Bunnie creates top-notch video content from start to finish. In order to consistently “wow” your audience, our in-house production team can create, plan, direct, and edit the most appealing visual experience.

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Why choose us for your next Video Production?

We can assist you in modifying your business movies to make them ideal for particular social media channels.

By utilizing social media advertising, White Bunnie can also assist you in extending the audience for your animated corporate videos. Your rivals most likely employ a variety of social media platforms for marketing, client outreach, and public relations, much like the majority of video production service providers.

The Video Production Agency Agency you've been looking for is here!

White Bunnie pays attention to your business goals, understands your brand identity, market, observes your competitive landscape, and utilizes those insights to develop & design video for your project

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Our Video Production Services Include

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    Every company has its own unique personality. How about your story? Give your clients a behind-the-scenes

    glance into your identity, mission, and best practices. The best approach to engage your audience with your message is through a brand video.

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    You may talk about your company all day long, but clients want to hear about other people’s experiences.

    Profit from the most effective conversion tool in marketing: positive reviews!

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    PRODUCT Video

    If increasing interaction is the goal, boost your product sales with a fun video.

    Customers will remember your goods much longer if they can see it in use rather than just in a picture.

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    Any educational setting needs quality visual content. If you’re creating or managing a non-profit foundation,

    you should inform potential contributors of the benefits of contributing to your cause.

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    Bumper videos and reels are a great way to attract an audience on social media with quick videos that tell your followers everything

    they need to know about you.

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    SERVICE Video

    The industry’s top service is provided by you. How would you explain that to your customers? The best way

    to stand out is with a good video. Explain in your own terms what you stand for to any present or potential clientele.

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    Do you wish someone had filmed your most recent business gathering, volunteer opportunity, or event? We have your back.

    Share a memorable or inspiring video with your team members and followers on social media.

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    Finish the year strong! Your business has experienced tremendous growth and success. Now tell your followers on

    social media, employees, and stockholders about the excellent news. Charts, graphs, motion graphics, and supplemental video will all be included. Brag a little!

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    PROMO | AD

    Brand-new item? R running a promotion? A video campaign is an efficient way to spread the news. This could be

    a landing page or click funnel, or it might be a Facebook advertisement. Go where the audience is, or bring them to you.

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    You’ve seen them: comical cartoons that are entertaining and quirky but also clearly convey an idea.

    A simple animation that has a strong narrative and useful graphics is an effective teaching tool. Contact White Bunnie today to get started on yours.

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    Lead with your ideas. Increase your social media influence and fan base by using video. There are a ton of

    viewers ready to subscribe, and you have a ton of excellent advice to offer. White Bunnie will help you grow.

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    When directing people to landing pages for a company with several locations, you can easily turn them into

    customers by using a video. This unique film might help you complete more deals and increase your revenue by promoting various places across your product or service landing pages.

Why Partner With White Bunnie?

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Experience Matters

Experience Matters

Being a top video production firm, we have a lot of experience making animated corporate videos. How do you choose the right Vancouver video production company for your company out of the many options available?

Depending on the situation, hiring a cameraman might be the best option. However, some people might require full-service video production services, which include script writing, storyboarding, artwork, and animation. We offer all of these in an enticing package.

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Quality and Talent

Quality and Talent

View our remarkable portfolio and a list of the businesses we have worked with. You should feel more at ease knowing that White Bunnie will produce the outcomes you desire as a result of this.

White Bunnie’s staff is very skilled in producing corporate animation videos that convey the proper message to your target audience. We understand how to reach and engage the decision-makers and people you’re attempting to influence. White Bunnie wants to do more for your company than just create a corporate film for it.

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Creative Storytelling

Creative Storytelling

Video outperforms all other forms of media in terms of persuasiveness, interest, and overall effectiveness. Every company, in our opinion, has a unique narrative to share. You may create an emotional connection between your company and your audience by delivering that narrative in an interesting, captivating way.

Your viewers will become buyers, and your buyers will grow into devoted and enthusiastic followers. We provide animated business videos, explainer videos, whiteboard videos, and more.

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    Benefits of Using a Video Production Service

    At White Bunnie, we offer a full range of Video Production services to ensure that your business have following benefits:

    • Corporate Videos Increase Conversions: According to statistics, companies who creatively integrate video material on their websites have higher conversion rates than those who don't. We are prepared to listen to your demands and assist you in delivering corporate video material that will meet and even exceed your goals, whether you are new to producing promotional videos or simply working on your next video project.
    • Corporate Videos Build Trust: Include films in your public relations efforts to highlight the human side of your businesses. They advance deeper down your sales funnel once they can relate to the individuals running the company. Both large and small businesses rely on our corporate video production services.
    • Creative Video Engages Your Audience: Contrary to when they read text, when the audience's visual and auditory senses are engaged, they become very attentive and retain 60% more of the information they have heard. Customers don't have time to go through your fantastic 700 word page about your company since people have relatively short attention spans. Utilizing an explainer film on your website allows you to communicate your point of view clearly and fast.
    • Video Drives Exceptional ROI: With 83% of businesses claiming that video gives them a decent ROI, a well-made video and an effective marketing strategy are a surefire way to succeed. Our straightforward three-step method is created to create an animated business video that engages your viewers on a human level. To get you started, make a fast consultation request. You need a video production firm with the skills and know-how to make an engaging video that will give you a strong return on investment if you want to attain all these goals.
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    Our Effective Video Production Methodology

    Step One on the Path to Making your Business Identity

    White Bunnie is a full-service SEO and social media marketing firm. We can handle projects of any size or type. We have our own professional audio, gimbals/stabilizers, lighting, and cameras that elevate your videos and take them to the next level!

    At White Bunnie, we collaborate with a group of talented writers, producers, directors, and cinematographers who have the know-how to handle all facets of video production, from delivery to creative services. No matter how big or small the project, we approach it everything with the highest professionalism.

    Video production Services Breakdown
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    Code of Ethics

    White Bunnie is committed to honestytransparency, and personal accountability in our work. Being a digital marketing specialist, we strive constantly to achieve higher rankingsimproved traffic, and conversions for our clients’ business while strictly adhering to our Code of Ethics.

    Video Production – A Smart Investment

    Let’s face it- Video Production is a great investment! Every business wants to create its own identity and brand value and Videos just do that.

    Currently, Online Platforms like Google, Facebook & other social media platform has more than 10 billion users per day. With such huge base of user represent your Brand through videos which is such a huge opportunity to grab more eyeballs. This is very important because you gain trust of your potential customer.

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      Invest in Video Production

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      Gain Trust of your Users

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      Gain Authority

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      Close your Sales Easily

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