Top 8 Google Web Stories Examples For Beginners -

Top 8 Google Web Stories Examples for Beginners

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    • USA Today
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    • Vogue
    • Now This

Web stories provide users with a dynamic, full-screen, fast-loading consumption experience. Engaging animations and tappable interactivity can be found in a typical web story. Visual narratives can be used in storytelling using a combination of video, audio, images, animation, and text.

Google Web Stories Example

If you are an SEO worker looking to create Google web stories for your brand, here are some brand examples to help you get started.


Bryan Goldberg founded Bustle, an online American women’s magazine, in August 2013. It is renowned among females all around the world for publications about beauty, entertainment, and fashion trends.

Bustle was quick to hop onto the Google web stories trend with a story about designers who represent fashion’s bright future from the viewpoint of industry experts. Their vivid template and concise yet informative stories cover an array of up-and-coming designers and the techniques that make them stand out in the fashion industry.
Bustle’s Google web stories examples showcase:

  • Simple yet effective templates
  • Concise content
  • A focus on visuals
  • An easy-to-read template

Vice Magazine

Vice is a Canadian-American lifestyle, entertainment, culture, and current affairs publication. Their content is catered to a younger audience and talks about topics that interest young adults and teenagers alike.

Vice’s new Google web stories examples feature two sisters from Kenya known for their street food and burgers. Unlike Bustle, Vice focuses more on a video-story approach with interactive videos and captions.
Vice’s Google web stories examples showcase:

  • A unique video storytelling
  • Captions
  • Consistent effects and filters
  • Readable font and text


Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet is a leading publisher of travel guidebooks in Australia. They are known for their content surrounding travel and lifestyle with interesting images, interactive fonts, and unique effects for their Google web stories.
Lonely Planet’s web stories showcase:

  • Interactive effects such as zoom
  • A focus on imagery
  • A mix of video and picture stories


Inverse is a millennial-targeted online magazine published by Bustle Digital Group that covers themes such as technology, science, and culture. Inverse’s Google web stories examples take a more techy approach with gifs and informative content.
Inverse’s web stories showcase:

  • Knowledgeable videos and GIFs
  • Formal fonts
  • Informative pictures
  • Scientific content


Forbes is a business magazine published in the United States, owned by Integrated Whale Media Investments and the Forbes family. It covers pieces on economics, trade, business, and marketing themes and is published eight times a year.

Forbes is widely followed by people across the globe. Due to its magazine’s set schedule, many people were excited to see new content from Forbes via Google web stories. The company branched out with web stories surrounding lifestyle and fitness alongside finance.
Forbes’ web stories showcased:

  • A balance between facts and advice
  • Interactive videos and imagery
  • SEO-optimized templates with timed content
  • Concise pointers for every story


Nylon is a pop culture and fashion-focused multimedia brand, publishing firm, and lifestyle magazine based in the United States. Art, fashion, music, design, celebs, technology, and tourism are all featured in their magazines.
The company’s Google web stories examples followed its diverse portfolio with:

  • Engaging content
  • Lively templates
  • Good use of image placement
  • Usage of links and time stamps

USA Today

USA Today is a daily middle-market newspaper in the United States. Amongst other brands, USA Today had a unique and interactive template with a mix of:

  • Special effects
  • Gifs and imagery
  • Easy-to-read content
  • Concise yet informative stories


PopSugar Inc. is a media and technology firm based in the United States that owns PopSugar and PopSugar Must Have a monthly membership service. Popsugar’s Google web stories examples followed a more laid-back and carefree template that sits well with its target audience.
Popsugar’s web stories showcased:

  • A balance of fun and facts
  • Interactive and catchy titles
  • Patterned backgrounds
  • Usage of gifs


Vogue is a monthly fashion and lifestyle magazine published in the United States that covers a wide range of issues such as fashion, health, culture, lifestyle, and the runway. Their Google web stories focused on a story-telling approach with ‘get to know’ web stories.
Vogue’s web stories showcased:

  • Fun templates paired with the right special effects
  • Factual content
  • Interactive videos and imagery
  • A zoom effect

Now This

NowThis News, founded in 2012, is a progressive social media-focused news organisation. Short news videos and hyperpartisan content are posted by the company.
Their web stories feature:

  • A mix of facts and advice
  • Interactive music
  • Usage of quotes
  • Interview-based stories

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Top 8 Google Web Stories Examples For Beginners -